Class Descriptions




all levels yoga: a mid-range yoga practice offering modifications to suit your body & energy.  This class will offer a mix of flowing movement as well as some longer held poses, weaved together with breath.


baby + me yoga: a perfect experience to share with your little one, while connecting with your body & other moms. Breath awareness, gentle core engagement & stretches for you, plus songs, baby massage & yoga play time for your mini yogi. 

freestylin’ flow: the perfect start to a Saturday. creativity and movement are key ingredients


gentle yoga: a mild, compassionate yoga for the whole body, focusing on inner awareness & relaxation. Unwind, shift inwards & express care to your body with every breath.  This class will present familiar yoga asana (postures) in an unrushed pace. Like many of our morning classes, this practice will adapt to embrace the experience of students in attendance, but clients with knee or back sensitivities or other such precautions should feel particularly welcome. There is an emphasis on pranayama (cultivating breath & weaving it into practice) and the possibility of a few yin & restorative poses. Enhance relaxation & start your day centered and renewed.


gentle therapeutic: decelerate from the events of your week & expand your body awareness as you relieve any accumulated tensions & pain through gentle therapeutic movement, self-massage, restorative yoga poses & guided relaxation. This class features a self-massage method utilizing small rubber balls for myofascial release (pressure can be customized to allow a gentle or deep quality). This is a great opportunity to start a dialogue with your body & discover physical & emotional relief. 



hot flexy flow: cultivate balanced strength & flexibility in fluid movement in our heated studio space. Feel the warm glow as you breathe through playful postures & transitions. This class will invite you to build strength & heat from this inside out as you explore fun & creative transitions


hot happy hour: transition into the weekend with fun music & a dose of mixed levels vinyasa flow! This fun & encouraging flow will enhance your alignment & help you find your natural rhythm in practice. Ingredients include happy music, playful minds, powerful postures & core work, heart opening backbends & finishing it all off with forward folds and other cooling/calming asanas.


hot glow flow: energizing yoga with a focus on core strength, alignment & awareness. This class will invite you to build strength & heat from this inside out as you explore fun & creative transitions. The space will reach approximately 38 degrees and instruction will emphasize strong abdominal engagement & toning. Explore challenge with mindful awareness. 


hot smooth & strong: a blend of vinyasa and power poses to cultivate inner strength


hot sticky flow: fluid vinyasa class blended with “sticky” still moments of longer held yin poses. Our beautiful space is heated to approximately 38 degrees celsius to encourage further detoxification as you move through your practice. This class is built through fluid transitions, playful and powerful asana, blended with still & longer maintained stretches to increase mindfulness & flexibility. hot yoga


mellow morning: this class features a less intense approach to vinyasa flow, with opportunities to modify for more or less strength & energy. Instruction is geared towards a gentle to moderate practice.  An unhurried, downtempo combination of engagement, movement, and rest.  


prenatal yoga: An opportunity to take the time to celebrate and connect with the glorious changes happening within your life! Move through gentle sequences to build strength and endurance in preparation for the birthing mind and body. 
☆Preregistered 6 week series starting Sept 8th

qi gong: a slow & meditative movement practice, guiding & balancing energy throughout the body. This is a gentle & low impact practice that great reduces stress & helps you connect on a deeper level to your breath & body!

- free intro session: Sept 27th

- 6 week pre-registered session starts Oct 4th

*Please pre-register. 

restorative: healing poses (using many props) to relieve stress, pain & fatigue, & leave you refreshed. Restorative is a deeply reparative expression of yoga utilizing breath & supported poses to relieve stress & fatigue. Multiple props are used to construct our restful poses, including bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, & eye pillows, with the goal to minimize all effort and evoke the parasympathetic nervous system (allowing the body to heal & rest).  This practice is greatly beneficial for everyone, but can be particularly healing for chronic stress, anxiety, fatigue, muscular tension, and during difficult times and transitions. The goal is less about productivity & getting deeper into the pose, and more about the "undoing action" of relaxation - which we all could use a little more of! 


restore, connect, nourish: soft stretches, supported restoration & guided awareness to nouris


simply yoga: a classical approach to yoga, flowing from an opening meditation, to a guided pranayama (breathing) practice, surya namaskar (sun salutations), mixed-levels asana (postures) with options to modify, before coming into an early shavasana to save time for a short concluding meditation. This class seeks to offer a traditional & holistic practice to benefit the physical, energtic, & mental bodies. 


6am warm flow: awaken your body & mind with a half-heated practice featuring fluid transitions. Ditch the java (or let's be honest - bring it with you!) and roll out your mat at Metta to squeeze in a pre-sunrise hot practice - you’ll have no regrets!  This will be an energetic practice to reawaken body & mind. *Please pre-register. 


weekend wind down: a slow flow with grounding hip openness & supported postures. Classes will emphasize breath awareness, grounding hip openers and calming restorative poses to help wind down your Sunday (the day of rest!). 


yin yang: cultivate energetic balance. This class will leave you feeling uplifted & centered, flowing from the reflective yin towards the active yang! We begin in still, grounded yin postures - deep stretches most often focused on the hips & low back, and maintained for 3-5 minutes with the intention to release the connective tissue, stimulate energetic meridians, and anchor the mind in gentle calm. The second half of practice will enliven the body in flowing yang style movement, incorporating sun salutations and standing posters to build heat, energy & strength. Such an amazing TGIF combination!


yin yoga & meditation: this is a practice of slowing down, unwinding in a deep stretch, and witnessing the mind in meditative reflection. This expression of yoga originates in ancient traditions, blending the systems of Indian yoga & Chinese medicine to release fascia (the body's connective tissue) and stimulate the energetic meridians (a similar understanding to acupuncture). Yin emphasizes deep, grounded, passive stretches maintained for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes) - great for increasing flexibility! Once wholeheartedly stretched, the body finds a sense of ease & the mind connects to a sanctuary of stillness within - a perfect practice to wind down the day before bed. We will conclude with a short meditation (but no meditation experience is necessary!).


yoga bliss flow: happy Monday! Unroll your mat for a morning mixed-levels vinyasa (flow styled) class to  start your day with positivity, fluid breath & mindful centering. Gradually awaken the body into a moderately energetic practice. This class will be based on who attends that morning- options to move deeper or scale it back a few notches will always be given- meet yourself exactly where you're are at on a Monday.


Yoga Tune Up®:
The Yoga Tune Up® system incorporates traditional yoga asana with a deeper awareness of anatomical principles & modern work in physiotherapy. This well-rounded system includes a delicious myofascial self massage method utilizing specially designed rubber balls to improve range of motion, posture & performance while reducing tension & pain. This approach is combined with strengthening engagements to build joint stability. This "tune up" provides a thorough & proactive method of self care!

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