Metta Wave Yoga & Wellness

Metta Wave Yoga & Wellness is a yoga studio serving Saugeen Shores, offering regular yoga classes as well as specialized services including Thai yoga massage & private therapeutic yoga instruction. Our intention is to create a warm and inviting space where we can share our passion for yoga with our community. 



Metta=Loving Kindness

Metta is Pali for "loving kindness," meaning a deep compassion and altruism with all beings. This understanding varies from a romanticized perspective of love, instead implying a universal love that is nurturing, protective and forgiving, as well as devoid of self interest. This notion arose in Buddhism but extends across contemplative traditions, including yoga. Metta is a recognition of love and compassion beyond our percieved differences and an aspiration to heal and care for all. 


Waves=Flow of Consciousness 

Like the flow of our breath, our thoughts and emotions share in constant movement. In the Yoga Sutras, yoga is described as the stilling of these fluctuations or waves, which provides quietness and clarity. In this tradition, a wave can also symbolize one’s individual awareness. Yoga, which means to “yoke,” “connect” or “unify,” is a recognition that we are all connected waves within one vast sea.


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